About Me

I am an aspiring writer who would love to be published one day. 

A little about me:

I've always loved to write.  I can remember my first story from second grade.  It was about a penguin named "Alas."  I meant "Alice!"  I just couldn't spell!

My favorite things to write about are:


-The future


-dark poetry


The stories I am working on currently are:

Ostatini Las:  It's eighty years after WWIII and America controls everything. Leah Faige, twenty-one, lives in Dovesdale, England, a small town turned smoky city, that works for the American people.  The rebel movement has grown, camped out in the forest of Ostatini Las.  Leah Faige knows how pointless it is to fight.  However, when her naive brother, Joey, drags her into the rebel movement, she meets Alesandese, a girl who has lost everything but still fights.  Suddenly, the rebel's work doesn't seem as pointless as she once thought it was.

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My Readers

A lot of my writing has darker themes that work best for older readers.  I am aiming for an audience of young adult to adult readers.  Also, writers like myself are always welcome!

History of project

I've been writing for as long as I can remember. I think the first story I can remember writing was in fourth grade.  It was called "The Tale of Ilowat" and was over 300 pages in a small journal.  I have, of course, improved much since then, but I continue to write as I love to do it.