A Novel: Ostatini Las Part 10

01/19/2013 19:37

Leah was always the same.  There was no reason for her to respond to them and their cruelties.  They believed themselves better than what America was now!  That was what they never realized. 

They weren’t.  America wasn’t ideal, but it wasn’t cruel until the rules were broken.  Leah was no supporter, but they were still malicious, still spiteful.  The whole rebel movement must be like that, all talk, no action, all anger, and no compassion.  Why must they make this worse? 

Walking out towards the Pingui, Leah glanced back towards Joey.  He, Ellentr, and several others in their twelfth year of school or above were in the process of sneaking away from the Pingui and walking down the streets.  None of them saw her watching, and she wouldn’t have betrayed them anyway.  There was no point.  It wasn’t her business, nor did she care what they planned to accomplish.  It would fail, in the end.

Instead, Leah turned and was directed onto a Pingui.

It was her and every other student’s, ride home.  For many students, it was a nightmare to ride on it.  The windows stretched from ceiling to floor, clear, obvious.  They say that it’s cruel and unnecessary.  Even Leah had to agree with that.  For, the reason behind it was not true, nor was it essential.  They said that the Pingui’s windows are made that way so ‘the students can be exposed to their city and home without danger’.  Leah had to say that that was just pointless.  Every student in the school knew how to defend themselves.  In a world that was trying to revolt, that was necessary.  America knew.  Everything.

They would have to be stupid not to.  After all, Joey was hardly the first, nor will he be the last, to mention the rebel movement when traitorous ears are listening.