A Novel: Ostatini Las Part 11

01/25/2013 06:36

The Pinguis have windows so the students have to feel as if anyone they pass while riding to their complexes was watching them.  It felt humiliating, but after fourteen years, it also felt normal.  To Leah, it would feel stranger if she didn’t ride it. 

Besides, Leah was always one of the first on.  That way, she could pick one of the three seats invisible from the windows.  Today, however, when she went on the bus, the three seats were taken.  So, Leah was forced to sit in front of a large window.  Suppressing a groan, she thought of the ride ahead.  She could ignore the stares, the whispers; she did that at school, too.  However, riding next to something so clear that it barely seemed real was… disconcerting.  She always felt as if she would fall off the bus.  Yes, she knew it was stupid, but it was one of those things that she couldn’t change. 

As the Pingui filled with people, Leah knew that one would sit with her.  Even though there weren’t many kids in the school, there weren’t enough Pingui’s for her to get her own seat.  As she knew, a girl had to sit with her.  Leah sighed when she saw who it was.  A girl in her first year.  Leah did not know her name.  However, the pale skin and red hair was telltale enough.  The girl was an image of Ava Ellentr.  It had to be her sister. 

Surprisingly, the girl turned to Leah and said, in a truly innocent voice,

“Oh!  I know you!  You’re Joey’s sister!”  Leah couldn’t help but be shocked.  Ellentr’s sister?  Talking to her?  Ava would probably disown her for it. 

“Y – Yeah,” she stuttered, her eyes widening slightly.  The girl looked excited.  Ignoring the glares from the other students, the girl had made quite a few enemies just by talking to Leah, she said, lowering her voice,

“Ava’s my sister!  I can’t believe they’ve finally done it!”