A Novel: Ostatini Las Part 12

01/26/2013 07:38

“Done what?” Leah questioned.  Had she seen Joey, Ava, and the other kids sneak away for a purpose greater than she had thought at the time?

“They’ve joined the rebels!” Ellentr’s sister breathed. “They’re going to the camp.  Now!”  Leah froze, biting her lip with a sudden anxiety.  Joey had… run away.  She hadn’t been expecting that.  Not at all.  He’d abandoned them.  A small voice in the back of her head sneered at her, asking if she had expected him to say goodbye.  No, she hadn’t, but still, she wished he had.  She wished that, out of all the students, he of all people, her own brother, would have realized she wasn’t a supporter.  Now, she had no chance.  Joey, Ava, and all the others were gone.  They wouldn’t be coming back.  As soon as they didn’t show up tomorrow, then it would be final. 

Realizing she hadn’t answered Ellentr’s sister, she said,

“Do you think you’ll miss Ava?”  The girl answered seriously, but a light shone in her eyes that still spoke of her obvious youth.

“Of course!  But she promised she’d come back and bring me soon.”  Leah nodded.  So Ellentr had promised to bring her sister to the rebel camp.  She was bringing her whole family into the rebel movement.  Leah had to wonder if her parents knew.  Leah’s mother didn’t.

She was sure of it.  Her mother would have begged him not to go. 

“Will you miss Joey?” the girl asked.  Leah bit her lip.  Would she?  She had been complaining about him forever, trashing him silently.  Even today, she had had a few snide comments that she had thought.  Hadn’t she compared him to America?

She had thought of him as cruel and spineless.  Would she miss him?

“Yeah,” she breathed, “I think I will miss him.”

The Pingui turned into their complex, and Leah grabbed her stuff and got off of it. Why had she told that girl so much?  It wasn’t even just any girl.  It was Ellentr’s sister.  Ellentr’s sister! Not only that, but the girl also wanted to join the rebels!   Climbing up the stairs to her mum’s apartment, she opened the door quietly, still lost in thought.