A Novel: Ostatini Las Part 14

01/28/2013 08:04

“They – they killed him… don’t you remember…  Joey looks just like him…  He – he has his eyes…”  Leah bit her lip as her mum stared at her with mad eyes.  They were gleaming and glowing as a fire burned within…  So dark and mysterious…  So broken… So dead…

Leah knew what her mother was talking about… 

When she was only five, her father was killed.  By them.  Leah could remember him leaving for long periods but always returning with a smile.   When she was little, he had told her it was for his work.  She didn’t question it. 

Now, however, she knew it was work for the rebels that had torn him away.  He died for it.

It was a pointless death.  He was one of the hundred caught fighting that day.  Only one of the many. 

Did the killer realize that he had a family to go to at the end of the day?  Did the killer realize that the one he was to kill had a son that was almost a mirror image of what he looked like before?  No.  He saw only a faceless rebel.  The killer couldn’t have seen a doting father. 

It was meaningless to linger upon these questions.  Dad was dead; there was no denying it.  Now, Joey, sooner rather than later, would face the same threat, the same ending.

“You must bring him home, Leah, “her mum whispered.  “Don’t let him – oh, Jae…”  Awkwardly holding her mum’s hand, Leah guided her to a chair.  There, her mum sat down, tears still streaming down her face, eyes still unfocused. 

“I can’t, mum,” Leah said. 

“You have to!  Bring him back – Jae! – He can’t die!”  Her mum raised her eyes to the sky, or at least, to their ceiling.  Leah knew, in her heart, that her mum was past the point of lucid.  Still, though, she tried.

“Mum…  Joey will be fine…  He’s picked where he wants to go…”  It was a lie.  Joey would never be fine.  After tonight, he’d spend his entire life in hiding.  There would be no tomorrow for him.