A Novel: Ostatini Las Part 16

02/02/2013 19:51

How, though, could she deny her mother the comfort of at least trying to protect her son?  Even if it was doomed to failure – her own failure – could she condemn her mum for loving? 

Leah found she couldn’t, and that scared her.

Always, for as long as she could remember, she and Joey had disagreed.  He was always looking for a new adventure or even to help someone.  Leah had always been looking to stay within the rules and to mind her own business.

Joey had grown to hate her for that.  He had always been cruel to her, labeling her as a supporter.  Did he never realize that she didn’t support either side? 

Leah would have liked to say that the rebels were in the right, for America certainly wasn’t.  Either way, though, would cost lives.

And in the end, is it worth it?  That was the question; that was always the question for Leah.  Do the benefits – independence, rights, freedoms – outweigh the costs –death, punishment, and a harsher rule.  To Joey they did, to Leah they never had.

Leah pulled her backpack off of her.  She hadn’t even taken it off when she walked in the door.  Then, despising what she was doing but unable to tell her mum that it was pointless to go after him, Leah began talking her school binders and textbooks out.  Dropping them in an unruly pile in her neat bedroom, Leah looked around the room.  What did she need to take?

She looked down, and seeing that she was still in her grey uniform, she changed quickly into a pair of light pants and a shirt.  Also, she put some into her bag; it was always good to have a few extras.  She’d have to take a jacket, too, for even though it was summer, the nights were still cool.

Her eyes scanned the small space, almost as if she were evaluating her room for error.  The white walls she had never bothered to paint.  The brown bed that sat in one corner, small, alone in the wide, empty expanse of wood flooring.