A Novel: Ostatini Las Part 17

02/03/2013 08:08

It looked as if no one lived there.  The bed was made, perfectly as always.  The drawers were closed, only a few bits of clothing inside each.  Nothing dotted the floors, other than what she had just dropped. 

No, there was nothing else she longed to take. 

Walking back, she closed the door behind her, not looking back once. 


Then, crossing into the room next to her, she entered a room that was the complete opposite from her own.  She hadn’t been in this room for years.

Drawings cluttered the walls, some crude while others were beautifully done, each part shaded so skillfully…  The walls were painted a dark blue and small paper stars hung from the ceiling.  There were clothes strewn across the room, drawers open, the bed unmade.

It was Joey’s room. 

Gazing at the fake stars, Leah realized how trapped Joey must have felt.  He must have longed to really see the stars, something that was impossible from the city.  Looking closer, Leah could see that the drawings were of plants and trees, things she had rarely seen in books and never seen in real life.  Finally, Leah could imagine just how much Joey pined for it all.

There were books strewn on his bed, some lying open.  Picking one up with gently shaking hands, Leah looked at the page it was on.  It was a drawing.  A drawing of a forest.  Ostatini Las. 

Where had he gotten these?  They had to be illegal, for they would only allure more in to join the rebels. 

Leah walked over to the door, noticing a small paper on the floor in front of it.  Picking it up, she unfolded it carefully.  It was a map.

A map of Ostatini Las.  Suddenly, the implications of what she had been planning assaulted her.  Gazing at the map but not seeing it, Leah realized she had no idea how to get there and no idea how to get out of Dovesdale. 

Now, she looked upon the map, seeing how lost she really would have been.  How had she forgotten that?

Still, though, it reminded her, even the most selfless plots fall to ashes without reason.