A Novel: Ostatini Las Part 18

02/14/2013 06:38

Looking at the map, Leah saw the route from the city that Joey had highlighted.  Why had he left this?  He should have been more careful!  This was, literally, a map to the rebel camp.  In the wrong hands, it would have gotten them all killed. 

However, now she had it, and she would use it.

It started with a map of the city.  Dovesdale loomed, looking dark even on paper.  Joey had mapped out their route on it, going so far as to circle their complex and highlight where to go from there. Notes were strewn on the page.

‘Do not follow main rode.’

‘Avoid passing The Hall.’

‘Use back door.’

He had also marked it from the school.  Apparently, when he had got this, he had not made a plan of where and when to leave before.

She’d need to head east, away from the walls, away from them.  From there, she had to enter the forest.  Joey had only highlighted a small route through it; he did not note landforms, nor where to stop.  It seemed at even Joey and Ellentr had not known where exactly they were going. Instead, it only noted,

‘Meet runner.’  So, someone was going to meet them there.  This had obviously been well planned. 

What would she do, though?  How could she get there without someone to meet her?  Unwisely, Leah pushed the questions to the back of her mind.

 Leah, putting the forgotten map into her pocket, moved down the hall, into the tiny kitchen.  There, she grabbed enough food for a few meals, all the while making sure not to empty the closets out for her mum. 

It was not much and probably not enough, but it was all she had.  Leah packed it in her backpack carefully.  She’d need it.

Leah’s mum suddenly entered the kitchen behind her.  The anger, which Leah had believed was gone, came flying back in full, choking her rational thought.  Upon seeing her packing, Leah’s mother cried out

“What are you doing!”  Leah replied coldly, harshly,

“I’m doing what you asked, mum.”