A Novel: Ostatini Las Part 19

02/15/2013 06:33

Panicked brown eyes widened as she spoke.  The light of madness shone from them, making them appear bright and glazed. 

“No!” her mother cried.  “Don’t leave me… Don’t leave me…”  Leah’s mum was clearly not in her right mind, and she found herself second-guessing her trip.  Should she – could she – leave her mum? 

Hadn’t she wished her mum to say this only an hour before?  Yeah, she had.

Now, however, a fire burned within her.  She wanted to find Joey.  The full implications of what he was doing had set in.  She didn’t want him to die! 

He was her little brother and perhaps, perhaps, she could save him.  Before, she would have longed for a way out.  Now, however, she couldn’t accept one. 

Leah felt sick when she imagined leaving her brother.  Had she never understood?  Joey was going to die.  She had to stop him.

“I need to go, mum.  I’m going to bring Joey back!  He’ll be fine… safe…”

“Please!  Don’t go, Leah!  Don’t leave me!  Not like they did… Not like… Jae.”  Shaking her head slightly but determinedly, Leah said,

“I can’t do that, mum.  I have to go.  He’ll die if I don’t!  I need to help him!”

Then, without waiting for a response, Leah turned and left the room, going down the hall to the front doors.  It was time, and she was ready.