A Novel: Ostatini Las Part 4

01/12/2013 08:24

New Chapter!

She doesn’t think I notice

How everything she does is a lie

Every smile bittersweet

I can see it in her eyes

She doesn’t want me to

But how can I not

I catch her sometimes

When she thinks I’m not watching

Staring out the window

Like she thinks he might come back in one day

Like she forgets he died years prior

Leah Faige frowned as she stared into her normally ordinary locker.  Binders were strewn everywhere.  It seemed that the small shelf, cheaply made, yet all she had, had collapsed.  Again.  There had been another avalanche.  Sighing, she grabbed her stuff and raced to her next and final class.  School ended... now.  It was hard to imagine, this being her last class.  After schooling for fourteen years, she only had a single class left.  Then... Then she would become what they wanted her to.  They had already picked her out to be a teacher.  She had the qualities of one, obedient, respectful...  Leah was one to keep her opinions to herself, unlike the others.  They expressed their feelings, though in private, usually.  Especially about social studies.  Everyone hated it.  It was no fun to hear about the war you lost, even if it had been around eighty years ago.  Britain had lost everything.  The Prime Minister killed.  Queen Elizabeth murdered.  The other kids didn’t want to learn about it, and the teachers didn’t want to teach it.  Leah bared it.  What else could she do?  It was pointless to complain in secret...  Woe is me... To have to learn what everyone else has since the war!  No!  Why is life so cruel?  That said, Leah didn't enjoy
 it; she just didn't join in the self pity party.  They made the kids learn it.  One couldn't fight them.  Ever.  The same people that turned the little town of Dovesdale into a smoky city.  Leah…  She didn’t truly hate it…  Sure, it wasn’t ideal, but it wasn’t terrible… Everyone else loathed it.   There was just no point or purpose, rhyme or reason, to complain.  So why do it?