A Novel: Ostatini Las Part 5

01/13/2013 17:39

 Leah, rather than talking with the other kids, would usually sit still and read.  It was an action that gave her the preface of a nerd and a supporter.  Why, she did not know. She wished she could imagine a world without them as the rulers.  It was a fault she could see in their studies.  No focus was given to the world before the war.  At least not in peaceful times.  Sure, she had learned they were the heroes of all three world wars, but in peaceful times, nothing was said.  They didn't want to entice rebellion with stories of better lives.  Already, there was a rebel movement.  Joey, her brother, had been dense enough to mention it while using his Ordinator.

Ordinadors were strange things.  They listened to the thoughts and followed our thought-out orders.  They were often used as textbooks.  Though, Leah had written copies of the books, too.  That way, if hers broke, she couldn't be faulted for it.  As the machine heard all thoughts, there was, of course, the fear that they were listening in.  Leah had taught herself to stem out all her bad thoughts while using them.  Others, like Joey, had not been so lucky.  Though, one could call it luck that he had been silenced before he said something that would warrant more than just a public rebuking.  Still, the shouts of the Moderators and Joey's look of terror did what it was intended to.  It lowered the amount of kids recruited.  Leah knew it happened, only a fool wouldn't.  From the rumors she had heard, those speaking them usually lowered their voices when seeing her, spoke that the rebels were located outside the city, in the old forest.  Ostatini Las.  It was supposed to be stunning.  Leah never understood it well, really.  Trees, green.  Who cared?  She had never seen a tree before.  Why do others long for them?  Joey, for example, could be seen almost drooling with anticipation of seeing the forest.  Leah was interested in them, sure, just as anyone was interested in what they did not know.  However, that did not mean she was going to go out there and join the rebels.