A Novel: Ostatini Las Part 6

01/14/2013 21:00

There, the rebels spoke, apparently, with old languages long forgotten by others, resurrected languages. Here, however, it’s their accent the students have.  Their words and language the people spoke.  It was theirs and theirs only.    No individuality.  They had never allowed it.  Why would they?  Individuality allowed independence, and that lead to rebellion.  It was easier to crush the people together, as one, not many, than to catch each single strand.  Like drops of water, the people were trapped in glasses.  They slowly consumed the people.  Only when they were released as rain would the water slip out of their grasp.  Even the looks were similar, though, Joey was a bit different.  She was normal.

Most of them, including Leah, had dirty blonde hair and boring brown eyes.  Of course, there were a few exceptions.  Like Ava Ellentr.  Her appearance just begged for trouble, and she had a personality to match.  Foolish child. She, as did all the others, liked her own bit of diversity.  She had, admittedly stunning, red hair.  It was as in a story told to children, so bright and wild, yet, it would only bring trouble... Of course, they don't like it that much.  She’s worried, and the others! They worry with her, for her!  When will she realize these small battles only bring sorrow and terror!    They do not treat the people terribly.  The people are not slaves! Many don't understand that. It will only be made worse through their small rebellions!  If According to the textbooks, which were and are still not false even though they were written by them, the people are not slaves.  Most disagree.  Yet, do they accomplish anything?  No. Of course, they can’t say anything.  Everyone knows about the teacher that did…  One of them heard…  And he was killed.  Leah was going to replace him at the school.  She wasn’t complaining; she always had loved biology.  So the teachers taught, in their language.  The scientists studied, in their language; Latin was destroyed long ago.  According to them, it’s far too complicated.