A Novel: Ostatini Las Part 7

01/15/2013 06:37

So, she and the others learned, and after their fourteenth year of school, they became whatever they wanted the students to be.   Leah would teach for them.  Ava would write news for them.  It's all for them.  The others wished they would actually do something instead of only sitting there, enjoying life in their homeland…  Leah knew there was no point in wishing.  It did nothing, achieved nothing.  If they must, then join the rebels.  Then they do something.  Sure, it is stupid, but it is something.   She shook her head, effectively bringing her thoughts to her next, and final, class.  Walking quicker, for she didn’t want to be late, Leah entered the room only moments before the final bell rang.  Breathing a sigh of relief, she pretended not to notice as everyone’s eyes flicked to her and many lowered their voices.  They were speaking of the rebel movement.  That much was obvious.  Pretending not to notice, Leah turned instead to the door.  The Lazar Trare stretched from wall-to-wall.  She glanced around; was anyone late today?  Probably.  One empty seat proved Leah correct.  It was Ava Ellentr’s.  Of course it was.  That girl was definitely going to join the rebels.

As Leah watched, Ellentr raced to the doorway, wincing, despite trying to hold it back, as she passed the Lazar Trare.  Leah shook her head, and Ellentr glared as she noticed Leah watching her.  The Lazar Trare stopped many students from being late.  It burned them, whoever passed through it.  Ellentr had burns on top of her old burns from being late almost every day.  Now, it didn’t burn them badly enough to have to dress the wound, but they hurt a ridiculous amount, though she did not know from personal experience, and lasted a good five or six days. 

The teacher bit his lip as he noticed Ellentr wince.  The red-haired angel seemed to bask in the attentive pity sent her way by the others.  Idiot girl!