A Novel: Ostatini Las Part 9

01/17/2013 20:54

She forgets I’m there sometimes

Thinks she’s alone

Sometimes I feel I’m not there

That I’m only a shadow

It’s sickening

All the stories we hear

That ‘we’re doing the world well’


After sitting through another social studies class, no, not another, her final social studies class, and there was a difference, Leah walked back to her locker and gathered her stuff.  Walking towards the front doors, Leah noticed that several of the students in her grade had full smiles.  Why are they so excited to start their new jobs?  For, tomorrow, the class was coming for a final time.  There, they would receive a formal paper stating they completed schooling and were now in the workforce. The day after, they, once again, began to work; this time at their new jobs.  As she had already, she noticed the whispers growing quieter and the angry glances sent at her; however, once again, she didn’t care.  As she brushed past the students, all seeming to push against her, she accidently ran into Joey.

“Oh, sor-“ he started.  Then he stopped, and upon seeing her, sneered slightly.

“It’s you.”  Joey stood at around five feet, ten inches, a good four inches taller than Leah was.  His brilliant blue eyes, so rare for the people of Dovesdale, stared down at her. He was waiting for her to say something, but she just brushed past her sibling as if she didn’t even recognize him.  She had no wish to be ridiculed today.  Joey reached out and grabbed her arm as she past him as if he had something to tell her.  Spinning around, Leah glared and asked coldly,

“What?” He froze for a second, mouth slightly open.  Then Joey, one side of his mouth snaking up into a grotesque smirk, one he had never worn before he began to mock her, raised an eyebrow and said,

“So, the Supporter speaks; I’m surprised.  I thought you believed yourself better then to talk to us.”  Leah stayed silent, blinking once… twice… three times…  Joey fidgeted in the silence.