A Novel: Ostatini Las Pasrt 15

01/30/2013 06:29

“No!  Jae!  Jae!  Save him!”  Suddenly, Leah wondered if her mum was speaking to her any longer.  Now, her cries came across as wild pleas to the dead.  To her father…  Yet, he could do nothing.  Neither could she.

“Leah!” my mum addressed me through my thoughts, startling me, scaring me.  “You must find him!”  Suddenly, unable to take it any longer, Leah cried out,

“If I go after him, then I will die, too!  Even if I found him, we would not return in time!”

“You can, Leah!  Please save him…  Please, Jae…” Her mum’s voice had dropped to a whimper, pitiful, pathetic.  Leah could no longer deny her mother this…

“Fine!” Leah snapped angrily but accepting, “It’s on your head when neither of us return!”  Leah winced even as the last jibe echoed around the room.  That had been cruel.  However, before her mother could respond, Leah had spun around and left the room.


Chapter 4



Fighting for freedom

Fighting for life

Why do we wander, alone and at night?

For shadow has fallen

And hearts’ despair

Has swallowed the light

Of the new day that’s there


Leah, clenching her fists, stalked up to her room.  There, she tried to get her breathing under control, for it still came in furious huffs.  Chest heaving, she looked around her room.  It was small, as was any complex.  Still, though, it was all she ever had, all she ever needed.  Now she was leaving. 

It was not a comforting thought to remember how her mum had lost her husband – Leah’s father – because of the rebels.  Now, Joey, the exact image of her late father, had joined them.  Leah wished she could blame her mother for ordering her to go on this suicide trip, but she found, deep inside, that she couldn’t. 

Still, though, Joey had made his own choice, and it was pointless to try and take it back for him.  Joey was a rebel now.  They would know the moment he and all the others didn’t come to the school tomorrow.  Leah knew that, in her heart, once she left, she would be labeled as one, too.