A Novel: Ostatini Las Part 8

01/16/2013 06:14

Leah’s teacher was named Mr. Baer.  He was only twenty-five, at the most, so he obviously remembered what it was like to be a student.  However, he didn’t go to this school.  None of the students knew where he went.  Though, they did know his history.  He had joined the rebels and been caught.  They knew this because he told us that his name was only a ‘nickname.’  It was rather obvious as to what he meant.  They knew that there were too many rebels to have them all killed.  That would kill everyone in the world but their homeland, of course.  So, instead, they erased the captured rebel’s history.  A new face, a new identity.  Plastic surgery solved the physical aspect, and the terror and pain the victims went through was enough to break their spirit.  Leah had never even heard Mr. Baer mutter something against them.  He was broken, and as he knew, it could have been avoided.  That was only another reason to not join the rebels.

“Did I miss anything?” Leah heard Ellentr hiss to her friends.  They shook their heads, silently.

Mr. Baer ran a hand through his dirty blonde hair.  Finally, he said,

“Alright, everyone, we’re starting on the final lesson. Page 435.  The class nodded, and together, everyone, but me as I had already gotten mine out, scrambled to get their Ordinadors out.  Leah touched it, and it sprang to life, following her thought command.  Page 435 opened before me.  I connected the headset, as everyone else was racing to do.

Mr. Baer began talking.  Leah chewed on her lip as she followed the words from the screen.  She could hear Mr. Baer say, in monotone,

“In WWIII, the strongest race won.  They control our country, and all those like it under one peaceful role.  It is our civic duty to feel grateful to our country for improving our lifestyles.  At heart, we should all be Americans.”